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Given the importance of these issues, the united nations established world environment day, to help educate the public about human activities and achievements.

World environment day is a celebration dedicated to making people aware of environment-related issues, providing the ability for people to change their behavior in the environment, and to work for change.



World environment day is the main tool for promoting environmental education. It\’s has been leading a campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues and issues arising from the breach of the #wildlife, #global warming, #human population, the field of #marine pollution, and other issues. Today, we are encouraged to learn more about these issues and to protect the environment  and encourage others to expand their knowledge and skills.


As more and more young people believe that climate change is a certain aspect of their generation, more and more people are looking for a career that will have a positive impact on the environment.

Here are few career options where you can pursue your passion for the environment:

Environmental engineer



The responsibility of the environmental engineer is to minimize damage to the environment by reducing waste and pollution. They use the scientific principles from the subjects of biology, chemistry, and soil science to the design of systems that control the degradation of the environment and pollution.


The Solar Engineer

Solar engineers take part in planning, designing, and implementing solar energy projects.

Environmental Consultant

As an environmental consultant, one works with the industry to help reduce damage to the environment and to comment on the legislation. Ideal for people looking to balance protection of the environment, and an understanding of the business.




Wildlife Conservation

As a general rule, you will be working with governments and non-governmental organizations, and the wild animals, plants, and defenders, and will be responsible for the protection of wildlife and their habitat. A Wildlife biology degree is a great starting point for a career in this field.


Marine biologist

Marine biologists study the reduction of the marine environment and propose solutions for sustainable development.



An ecologist makes observations of plants and animals that thrive in this area or ecosystem.

Environmental journalist

It is a perfect option for the ones who have a love of the outdoors with a talent for writing. . For this career path one should keep in touch with the environment, and able to write/create impressive stories, to attract bright young people.



Receiving correct earnings depends on heaps of things, like education, location, work expertise, and the size of the corporate one is working with.

Below is the list of annual average salaries for various environment-related jobs:


  1. #Environmental Engineer – $ 87,620

2.#Conservation Scientist – $ 61,340

  1. #Urban Planner – $73,050
  2. #Environmental lawyer – $ 1,20,910
  3. #Zoologist – $63,420
  4. #Hydrologist – $79,370
  5. #Marine Biologist – $63,420


  1. Environmental Engineer –

A licensed natural engineer can expect a salary of ₹ 1 lakh per month. In the public sector, a student can earn  ₹ 12,000 to Rs 18,000 per month as starting salary making an average of Rs. 87,620 per year.

Minimum ( Entry-level) : ₹1,44,000

Maximum (1-4 years of experience): ₹12  lakh

2.Conservation Scientist –

Minimum ( Entry-level): ₹3 LAKH

Maximum (1-4 years of experience): ₹5 LAKH or more

  1. Urban Planner –

Minimum ( Entry-level): ₹ 5.4 Lakhs ( IN GOVT. SECTOR)

Maximum (1-4 years of experience):  ₹ 6.9 Lakhs. ( IN GOVT. SECTOR)

  1. Environmental lawyer –

Minimum ( Entry-level): ₹ 8.5 LAKH

Maximum (1-4 years of experience): ₹ 15 LAKH

  1. Zoologist –

Minimum ( Entry-level): ₹98 THOUSAND

Maximum (1-4 years of experience): ₹  2 MILLION

  1. Hydrologist –

Minimum ( Entry-level): ₹6.5 LAKH

Maximum (1-4 years of experience):  ₹11.5 LAKH

  1. Marine Biologist –

Minimum ( Entry-level): 1.5 LAKH

Maximum (1-4 years of experience):  4 MILLION



Each year, a total of 143 countries participate on this day. Every year, on this day, it is recommended that a new theme is to give the government, the stars, the communities, non-governmental organizations, and businesses for advice about the wide range of activities that can be planned for, and ways to raise awareness of this important day of the year.









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