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Green screen redirects here. for other uses, see Green Screen (disambiguation). For the electronic music project, see Chroma Key. For musical tonality depending on Key, see Katy (music).

The process work by filming action in front of a large, bright green backdrop, then isolating and removing that green color range, and replacing it with a different background.


It has been utilized for any purposes in filmmaking, making characters and scenes appear to take place in far-off or perilous locations – when in fact the footage was shot on a sound stage in front of a green screen.

The green screen is a central part of this Chroma key process, allowing filmmakers to isolate the actor from their bright green background and then introduce a separate background in postproduction.

essentially, move makers digitally key in the greenhouse value, remove it using editing software, isolate the actor (s) , and then replace it with separated background footage or still imagery.

Green screen is a visual effects (VFX) technique where two images or video streams are layered i.e. composited – together …. The Chroma key singles out the selected color (0usally the green ) and digitally removes it by rendering it transparent. this lets the other image to show through.


Green is the go-to because it doesn\’t match any natural skin tone or hair color , meaning no impart of an actor will be edited out through the Chroma key. when a green costume or prop is essential, and able screen is often substituted….. Filmmakers had to use a blue screen for effects shots of the Green Globin.

How does work VFX?


Green screen is a visual effects ( VFX) technology where two images and video work together.

Think about behind the scene and bloggers real from Hollywood movies. It’s hard to miss the sheer amount of green you see on set. Green screen let be you droop in whatever background image you want behind the actor and foreground.

It used in film production (and also used in news and weather reports also .) The relatively simple place the design background behind the subject actor/presenter. When a background is not available like a fictional and historic or even just hard to access -location.

After the footage, the shooting is complete the composition take over:-

  1. The new background is composition and creates new image and video

Steam are layered together .but green is not always used in everything thing

  1. When using a 3D this process can add new elements (smoke,fire, rain)



Technical we used any color in the background but why we used always green because it’s a very strong and visual color you wouldn’t be able to film Kermit the frog against a green screen – he d disappeared in this case, you did typically use a blue screen, the second – in – line color.

The key rulings no matching color the background has to be a completely different color from the subject. Otherwise, if let says your actor is wearing a bright green tie in front of a green screen, he will end up with a transparent strip down his chest where the tie is supposed to be.. research and consider software based on the shots needed, the editing system, budget,and user experience. Your options for Chroma key software will essentially depend on the type of shot. There is free user-friendly software for simpler shots, but they probably won’t be able to pull off the more sophisticated effects you see in feature films.






And that’s pretty much all you need to know to get started! It might seem complicated, but these tips will help your shoot go smoothly. So go ahead and set your story on an alien planet. With time and practice, filming with a green screen can open up an entirely new, almost unlimited, creative playground.

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