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Understanding Illustration

An illustration is indeed  Understanding illustration and Isometric illustration is one of the most creative forms of communication. Thus, Illustrator’s emotions are like the key ingredient for a tasty and successful dish. The human mind is the pool of emotions and creativity. Understanding illustration and Isometric illustration   How one perceives any illustration depends entirely on that person. A graphic illustration is the perfect blend of graphic design and classic illustration.

Illustration is an art, practiced for centuries. Fine art illustration has modernized with time with the availability of software. Types of Illustrations are Traditional and Modern. The traditional illustration is acrylic, woodcutting, ink, charcoal, and pencil illustration. Modern Illustration includes freehand digital and vector illustration.


A good illustration brings the abstract to reality.  However, the idea behind one graphic illustration can be one, but it can hold many meanings depending on person to person. It can entirely depend on in what state of mind the viewer is viewing the content. On a happy and chirpy day, one might find a certain illustration as a very lively expression whereas, on the sad and gloomy day that same person might not be able to find any meaning to that very illustration and might even state it as queer. Illustration speaks to us, tells us a story, holds a message.

However, a good illustrator has its style but the following points are important to make an illustration presentable and understandable for the viewer:

Illustration Speaks:

The illustration is talking art. An illustration cannot just be reviewed, “it’s beautiful”, it has to have that meaning and intent it is made with. It should communicate with the audience.

Illustration feels real:

We can dive into the pool of our creativity, but it is important to ensure illustration has meaning in the real world. We can blend our imagination with the real intent of illustration.

Know the Audience:

It is very vital to understand, what the audience wants to look at. Understand the brief or the intent and then is to review whom we wish to reach with our illustration. If we lack knowledge about our audience, it will just be a beautiful design.


It is equally important to beautify the illustration, as it is to have realness in any illustration. The beauty of our illustration will grab the attention of our audience. There is no correct way to define the beautification of illustration, it entirely depends on the one who is making it.

When trying to understand any illustration, it is important to be open-minded and look from various angles to understand the correct intent. An illustration is not the destination but the journey, it can have many routes. As they say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, similarly, the meaning of any illustration lies in the heart and mind of the viewer.

Isometric Illustration

Illustrations are one of the best ways to communicate the ideas and content in the most presentable forms as the visuals have a long-lasting impact on the human mind. Talking about the isometric illustration, it is a unique style of drawing by using the isometric projection technique. This form of art is used to depict a three-dimensional object on a flat two-dimensional surface. For example, the cube below

We live in a 3-D world, then why not move designing also to the next level. Isometric Illustration is like near to the real experience. It is the perfect blend of flat design and 3-D design. It helps the audience to understand better the outcome and functionality of the product. Isometric Illustration brings out the beauty of flat design by adding depth and dimension to it, making it visually more appealing and making it easier for the audience to understand the essence of the design. Using shadows also add realness to the design.

Uses of Isometric Illustrations

Commonly used by architects, engineers, and interior designers to show how the actual product will look like. Architects and designers use it to show the apartment, office, or any building before starting the construction. It is very useful for engineers in industries to visualize and understand the parts of machinery.

Isometric illustrations are well known in brand recognition too, many brands prefer to have their logo designed with isometric projections to stand out and have a long-lasting impact.

It is also used in digital marketing, creating an impact using isometric illustrations in form of static as well as dynamic advertisement.

Impact of Isometric Illustrations in Our Daily Life

Isometric illustrations are present everywhere, pictures we see on google or Pinterest, infographics, and presentations. Video games, Design games on our mobile devices are clear examples of isometric illustrations.

Four Commonly Used Design Tools for Isometric Illustrations

  1. Inkscape

It can be downloaded for free. It is useful to create good quality web graphics and logos.

  1. Isometric Drawing Tool

It is user-friendly, easy to use, and an interactive tool.

  1. Autocad

Well known among engineers. It can be downloaded for Windows 32 and 64 bit OS X or MAC.

  1. Adobe Illustrator CC

It can be used for designing good quality of interactive vector graphics, especially for logos, infographics, and typography.


Creating an isometric illustration is certainly more time-consuming as compared to a flat design, but definitely worth the wait and the hard work. The level of detailing can be quite overwhelming, but it will surely be a good piece of work, which not just grabs the attention but leaves an impact too. If we carefully look around ourselves, we can find examples of isometric illustrations in our daily lives too.  As they say, “only change is constant”, so let us evolve from flat design and move to isometric illustration.


Abstract & Dreamy Illustration

Abstract and dreamy illustrations are with us for more than a century now. They are away from the accurate description of visual reality. As the name says, dreamy, these illustrations do not have any boundaries and are filled with imagination. An abstract illustration uses color, shapes, patterns, and forms to leave a good effect. The abstract illustration is a language of emotion.


An abstract illustration can hold many meanings depending on the mind of the viewer. To understand an abstract illustration, all one needs is an open mind and a big imagination. There is no correct or incorrect meaning it. The beauty of abstract illustration is that it is open to interpretation.  It gives the freedom to the viewer to explore.

Simplified Illustrations

Simplified illustrations are very simple two-dimensional illustrations. These can be as simple as naïve childlike drawings in books, magazines, or simple icons. These are very straightforward when it comes to the meaning and content of any illustration.






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