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TOP 10 Paintings

These are the ten most famous paintings ever made. Top 10 Painting  A personal selection of paintings with global appeal and forever Top 10 Painting.

  1. Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci

#Leonardo da Vinci worked on his art for 20 years. He went with it everywhere. The puzzling smile caught the imagination of the world. Top 10 Painting  It has been kidnapped twice and now lives in the Louvre, Paris. When the #Mona Lisa visited the United States in the 1960s

It gained prominence near to the American president of the United States, #John F Kennedy. People line up for hours to see temporary captions- Maybe because it’s human, but at the same time it gives the impression that there is more to it than that. It gives the experience of in the world, but you can look beyond. It was a smile of great satisfaction. Everyone will have a different perspective, and that is the best part of the appeal of this painting.



Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD: $860 million

In Indian (INR): 5,000 Crore (estimated)

  1. The Scream – Edvard Munch

A painting depicting the sorrows and pains of modern life. It has become one of the most popular icons in modern times. Somehow it makes one think of Freud and look at our ignorance. Famous, as is it beautiful giving the popular note \”why look at the mud in a lily pond, when you can enjoy the lily more\”.


Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD: $135.2 million

In Indian (INR): 700 Crore ( estimated)

  1. Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo

#Michelangelo took a long time of 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. He chose scenes from the Old Testament. This scene depicts the time when God created Adam. This particular panel is part of the #Sistine Chapel. To fully understand the scale, splendor, and beauty of Michelangelo\’s creation, one should visit the Vatican and take a look at the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Apostolic Palace.


Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD: $39.4 million

In Indian (INR): 2,923 Crore (estimated)

  1. Sunflowers – Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh\’s art is incorporated into this painting of #sunflowers. It has been considered as one of his most visible and popular artwork.



Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD: $90.4 million

In Indian (INR): 6,723 Crore (estimated)

5.The Treachery of Images – Rene Magritte

An ancient example of modern surrealist art. This is a picture of a #pipe. This is popular in a sense as it was an epitome of overconfidence and a paradox of modern life.


Worth/ Price (Year 2012) :

In USD: $11.3 million,

In Indian (INR): 85 Crore ( estimated)


  1. Poppy Field (Argenteuil) – Claude Monet TOP 10 Paintings

#Claude Monet is one of the great impressionist artists. This adorable portrait incorporates the essence and simplicity of nature stating how beautiful nature can be and its true beauty in the eyes of the artists and their capacity to capture it and portraying it in accordance. It also takes those pre-industrial years, which quickly disappeared during Monet\’s lifetime. It is a release of traveling time in the previous era. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic about this event as it portraits how the people are just a part of the side character of the whole picture.


Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD:  $40 million

In Indian (INR): 2,970 Crore (estimated)

  1. Last Supper – Leonardo Da Vinci TOP 10 Paintings

It is one of the most famous scenes in the Bible – The #Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It was only after Christ said that one of the disciples would betray him. This is the last soap opera – man\’s last test – to serve, God or Mammon. That\’s why people are attracted to the scene, thinking about how will they behave at the table of Jesus Christ.


Worth/ Price (Year 2020) :

In USD: $100 million

In Indian (INR): 7,463 Crore (estimated)

  1. Girl With Pearl Earring- Jan Vermeer TOP 10 Paintings


Jan Vermeer has painted these iconic paintings (almost reminiscent of the Mona Lisa) and is a great example of Baroque style and use of light. In this painting, it is hard enough for one to know the girl\’s exact age.  On the one hand, the beautiful glittering eyes suggest a child\’s innocence. On the other hand, there is the touch of a girl on the edge of #femininity. It creates strong purity, innocence, and the inevitable transition to growing into a woman.

Worth/ Price (The year 2020) :

In USD: $10.62 million

In Indian (INR):  789 Crore (estimated)

  1. The Ball at the Moulin de la Galette- Pierre-Auguste Renoir TOP 10 Paintings


The best painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir captures the buzz and excitement of this #Paris suburb. It was Paris at the end of the century – a time when Paris was the world\’s leading cultural center, but it was a place where people had fun, and enjoying their lives.

Worth/ Price (Year 1990) :

In USD: $78.1 million

In Indian (INR): 5,807 Crore (estimated)

  1. Peace – Picasso


Worth/ Price (Year 2004) :

In USD: $104 million

In Indian (INR): 7,730 Crore (estimated)

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