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The powerful comeback of Color Gradient Trend


The powerful comeback of Color Gradient Trend 


Almost all of the 90\’s trend is back again with the advancement in it. All of us know gradient nowadays, but do we know what are they? How have they been originated? Why do we like them more than anything else? So, let\’s find out all the things that can clear all our questions.

Before going to catch up on Gradients first let us do a quick intro on RGB (Red, Green, Blue) RGB is a standard way of mixing colors. To be pretty fair in Computers we have a standard of RGB, all the other colors are made with the combination of these three colors, changing the concentration of color and then creating a new color.

This was a little intro about RGB and as we know gradients are all related to colors we must know the origination and formation of colors.


What are Gradients and Why are they Trendy?


Gradients, also known as color transitions, it is a gradual blending from one color to another color. Gradients can also blend or transition similar colors. The color gradient is a set of colors arranged in a linear order. The gradient trend is extremely versatile and because it mixes and blends different shades of colors, gradients are capable of creating new color combinations that are different and modern completely leading to a unique style and design.

The most important factor in the gradient trend is the colors we choose. For the gradient trend to look attractive and creatively designed, we have to either choose colors with similar shades or the colors that work together according to the color theory.


Gradients are mostly used to add depth to a design or an image that is flat or created 3D. Creating an interesting background texture blended with creativity and colors gives a normal boring flat design or an image of a rich look. Gradients can simply enrich anything with their color bends.

As we know now the trend is more focusing on 3D and realism so using color gradients with them would be a great thing. Although it is not easy to create a background color gradient texture manually with the help of software it is quite an easy task.


So, why is the gradient having such a trend now? This is because they are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The mixture of vibrant color transitions makes them stand in the competition and helps to elevate the design.


What colors and mixture should we use in Gradients? 


This is the main reason why most of the time design fails. Every time we cannot think out of the box sometimes we hit the bull\’s eye and sometimes we are out of the game but the best way to get gradients colors is nature. I may be wrong but while observing nature we find different gradient colors. For Example, when it\’s raining a bit and the sun is overhead, isn’t that looks amazing. Another one is when its fully cloudy and a beam of sunlight is passing in between When the sun is setting or rising. There are many things that we notice in nature and like them also. Nature is just like that full of inspiration and colors.



Why and where do we need Gradients?

As already mentioned above gradients enrich a design, it gives life and royalty to an image. Normally gradients can be used in Business cards, book covers, posters, Images, Designs, etc.


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