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 The Best TOP 10 Indian artist



person who creates paintings or drawings, carving, and painting as a hobby and for the sake of art is a TOP 10 Indian artist.

Here are the names of the top ten Indian artists  TOP 10 Indian artists:


Style: Western ideas of vision and composition and to adapt them to Indian subjects, styles, and themes. TOP 10 Indian artist 

Artwork: Shakuntala (1870), Stolen Interview (1906), Woman Holding a Fruit (1900)



2. MAQBOOL FIDA HUSAIN   TOP 10 Indian artist

A painter, photographer, and filmmaker.

Style: vivid, colorful paintings with refined Cubist style

Artwork: Horses (1960), Mother Teresa (1989), The Mahabharata series




 Style: #modern movement in Indian art. A different color, special effects with uncontrollable and bold colors, in stark contrast to the pale colors, and Influenced by Realism portraying the lives of people living in her community.



Artwork: The Three Girls (1935), #Self-Portrait (1930), Brahmacharis (1937)


Style: Western styles

Artwork: Mother and Child (1921), Three Pujarins, Krishna



Style: modern Indian painting. make Mughal and Rajput styles more modern to combat the influence of Western art models

Artwork: Bharat Mata (1905), Ganesh Janani (1908), Asoka’s Queen (1910)


Style: Contextual Modernism. 

Artwork: Bapu Dandi March (1930), Darjeeling and Fog (1945), New Clouds (1937)


Style: Abstract Expressionism and, Geometric Abstraction

Artwork: Composition Geometrique (2007), Saurashtra (1983), Ankuran (1987)


Style: bold forms, vitality, quality of #rhythm, and dream concept.

Artwork: Self Portrait (1934), Dancing Woman (1930), Head Study (Geometric) (1929)

9. Satish Gujral

Artist, sculptor, architect, architect, and #interior designer

 Style: muralist, and contemporary Indian artist. Paintings, especially with Moses and Ceramic tiles

Artwork: Days of Glory (1952), Mourning en masse (1970), The Tree of Life (1994)


Style: ancient Indian method of making many #images to convey movement. Mehta enhanced her signature style – an unusual form of solid color that cuts through the black lines

Artwork: Kali (1989), Mahishasura (1997), Untitled (Lovers, 1974)

Given below a brief description of the top three Indian artists:


Period: April 29, 1848 – October 2, 1906

He learned the basics of painting in Madurai. He was trained by #Rama Swami Naidu and Dutch painter Theodor Jenson. His works are regarded as one of the best examples of# European strategic integration with India’s empathy only. He made affordable paintings, making them easily available to the public. This improved his accessibility and his reputation as an #artist. His most famous paintings are the story of Dushyanta and Shakuntala; and Nala and #Damayanti from the episodes of Indian legend Mahabharata. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists in the history of Indian art and is a famous Indian artist.

Net Worth :

  • USD – $ 9 million
  • Indian (INR) – Rs. 670 Crore

Artwork: Shakuntala (1870), Stolen Interview (1906), Woman Holding a Fruit (1900)


Period: September 17, 1915 – June 9, 2011

In his early years, M. F. Husain used to draw billboards in the film industry in Mumbai. In 1947, he became the first member of the Progressive Artist’s Group in #Bombay, which included many prominent names in Indian art. Husain went on to become a very successful artist and was known as the \”Indian Picasso\”. Husain is best known for his bold and colorful paintings with a modified Cubist style.

His art takes on a variety of topics including Mahatma Gandhi; #Mother Teresa; the Ramayana; Mahabharata; British raj; and signs of #urban and rural life in India. Also, he used to take the spirit of horses into his works of art. In 1991, M. F. Husain was awarded the Padma Vibhushan. His later works however created controversy as they portrayed the traditional Indian gods in non-traditional ways including the display of nuns. As a result, Husain lived in exile for a long time from 2006 until his death.

Net Worth :

  • USD – $9.01 million
  • Indian (INR) – Rs. 674.1 Crore

Artwork: Horses (1960), Mother Teresa (1989), The Mahabharata series


Period: January 30, 1913 – December 5, 1941

She has received many of her awards including a gold medal and an election as Associate of the Grand Salon in Paris. He was the youngest member ever and the only #Asian to have this. Growing up.

Sher-Gil made a direct effort to return to ancient Indian art and it was in Indian studies that she discovered a ‘work of art that, according to her, reflected the life of the Indian people through her cloth. Amrita Sher-Gil died at the age of 28 at the highest level of her #career.Amrita Sher-Gil is considered a “pioneer” in contemporary Indian art and has been called “one of the greatest female artists of the 20th century”. The Government of India has announced that it is operating as a National Art Treasure.

Net Worth :

  • USD – $5.14 million
  • Indian (INR) – Rs. 37.8 Crore

Artwork: The Three Girls (1935), Self-Portrait (1930), Brahmacharis (1937)


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