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Motion Graphics Design, This is mind-catching and everyone wants to see what is it all about. But before Jumping to motion graphic d\"\"esigning, We have to first understand What is designing? What is Graphic design? These need to be understood by everyone Because they are the main building blocks.

Let me explain to you this with an example, You need to build a house and your dream is to make it like a bungalow but within specified boundaries.

Designing: Designing is the visual look or shape that is given to a certain object to make it attractive, make it comfortable and to improve its characteristics.

Designing is making images to represent the thoughts that you have in your mind, Spreading the message that can be explained through the image.

It is noticeable that designing and graphic designing are the same. But they are two different things.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the way of expressing thoughts and ideas with the help of graphics, Typography (it is the art of arranging letters and words in a way that makes it legible to read and write. It includes font style, size, and structure), Images and graphs.


Motion Graphics Designing

Now, coming on to our focus topic that is motion graphics, motion graphics is similar to animation but in motion graphics the major part is text.

We can also say that graphic design is an animated graphic design.

What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Infographics?


Infographics are the visual representation of the information, it uses images, text, and graphs to represent the information. Whereas motion graphic design, with the help of animation majorly focusing on the text the information.

Infographics are flat images while motion graphics are 3d images

infographics do not include kinds of music and video, while motion graphics is the combination of text, music, and moving objects.

Some of the top institutions and companies that are using Motion Graphics are

Adobe Marketing cloud

MBC Station

Wide Sky Game Trailer




Future Finance

Google Chrome

What are the different types of Motion Graphics?

Explaining Video: This is what most people are comfortable with even I am so much comfortable in this, it has a wide variety of motives or purposes and it is the most commonly and popularly use motion graphics nowadays.

What this does is, connects people emotionally to the brand as you can have storytelling in between. Also, there is one more reason for its enormous popularity that is because it is more convenient to watch a video than reading anything.

Google Big Query is the best example of Explainer Videos.

Motion Graphics Design

Product Marketing: I somewhat think that it is similar to Explainer videos, but as it relates to real-life I think this is more interesting and entertaining. Comparing real-life issues for product marketing is somehow I strongly agree.

UI Animations: able to create your prototypes is a nice skill, creating your own UI’s helps to understand how a menu should open or let us understand this with an example,

we all have smartphones nowadays taking the example of I phone and Samsung, Samsung has a simple sliding widget which I don’t like at all.

While the iPhone has a swiping widget which is cool, it gives a rich user experience. So, creating your widget is amazing.

Motion Graphics Design

Icons: Icons, I think that most of you would have heard that creating still and flat icons are a great choice, but now my friend\’s trend has changed. 3D depth and realism are in trend and using motion graphics make the icon attractive and creative. Won’t you like it when you open a website and that explains everything about the brand within seconds?

Logos: Logos help your brand for identification most of the time like we do differentiate between iPhone and Samsung with their logos. So, creating a motion graphic design for the website logo is a mind bobbling idea but that does not mean it should go out of the boundaries, It should follow the color theory and also should explain the brand.

Short Films: I don’t think I would have to explain this to you, We all are now online geeks, We don’t stick to a plan, we jump from one idea to another within minutes. The same goes for while we are reading or watching. Creating short motion animated films creates interest in the viewer’s mind to continue the whole tutorial or the series.

Before concluding my topic


I would like you to just recap the examples that I have told you in between the article and think of some motion graphics titles or intros that you have seen. I started this because know if you haven’t gone through any of the above-stated examples then you must have watched any movie or series on Amazon or Netflix.

Video Link for Amazon:

Video Link for Netflix:

Noticing Amazon and Netflix Motion designs, you should keep a note that both of the design follows the laws of color theory and does not go beyond the branding.  Netflix uses its branding color and logo“N”in red color with a black background while amazon uses its brand motto with a smile.

Motion Graphics Design

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