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 Learn Interior Desinging And Decorator

Interior design is a creative blend of art and science required to enhance the interior of any building. The role of an interior designer is to make the interior of the building more visually appealing and healthy at the same time.   Learn Interior Desinging And Decorator   .

The question might come up Healthy. Yes, Healthy! Subconsciously  Learn Interior Designing And Decorator our mind functions differently in presence of different colors. Our emotions, energy levels, and even hormones depend on the colors. It is yet another deep topic. Learn Interior Desinging And Decorator We shall discuss that some other day. Point it to remember, our environment, how the interior of our room or office is designed plays an important role in our productivity. For an instance, the taste of the coffee may be the same, but we find certain Interior Desinging And Decorator  cafes more cozy and comfortable to have our cup of coffee as compared to others. The secret ingredient of that particular café is the none other than the interior.

Difference between a Designer and a Decorator

The difference between an interior designer and a decorator is education. Anyone who is an enthusiast and can play around with fabrics, colors, and stuff can become a decorator. Whereas, an interior designer holds a professional degree and understands the depth of the design. They understand the importance and meaning behind every shape, design, textile, and color.

Scope for Interior Designers

The job of an interior designer is not just limited to designing our houses, but the scope is very vast.

Corporate Design: Interior designers are required to design friendly and productive offices. The office size can be as small as a single room or as big as a corporate building, the role of the interior designer is to create the space efficient yet beautiful. They even consider the placement of electronics and desks at the particular place helping to increase the productivity of the employee and work in a way to cater to the stress and fatigue. To avoid injuries and accidents due to office supplies is also on their agenda.

Healthcare Design: The interior designers understand the healing power of the colors and they design the hospital interiors in a way that the patient finds it soothing rather than dull and depressing. According to a study, the physical recovery of a patient also depends on how good are they feeling mental? We must have encountered playful designs in a physician’s clinic or the pediatrics ward, those are again designed by the interior designers. The work is based on evidence, for an instance, the placement of a patient’s bed near the window, as a patient tends to heal faster in the presence of natural light.

Other than these, interior designers are also required to design houses, hotels, restaurants, even retail shops and the list goes on. The project can be as simple as a cosy yet lively house or as complex as a sustainable design example U.S. Green Building Council.

Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

An interior designer has to closely work with the client to understand the exact need of the space. They need to understand the client, visualize the space and share that visualization with the client in forms of designs. They have to choose and place orders for the furnishings, pick colors and material not only by their own choice but need to have the client on board too. The interior designer is also responsible to coordinate with contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians and other professionals. They are also required to finish the project within the timeline and ensure to remain in the budget of the client.

An interior designer needs to be flexible with their working hours and workspaces. It can also involve in and outstation travel.


Courses in Interior Design

Diploma Courses: There are short-term diploma Courses available in Interior designing. The duration varies from 6 months to 2 years.

Bachelor Courses: One can also opt for Bachelor’s Degree Courses like B. Sc in Interior Designing, BBA in Interior Designing etc. The duration of these courses varies from 3-4 years.

Master Level Courses: Masters of Business Administration in Interior Designing. Eligibility for this requires a valid bachelor degree. Duration of MBA can be 1-2 years

These days, online certificate courses are also available, that one can pursue along with their jobs, especially for working executives. These courses are like add on in one’s CV.

Salary of an Interior Designer

No doubt, the salary of an interior designer will depend on the education, skills, place of work and experience of the person. However, on an average, the salary of an interior designer at an assistant level is between 25 to 30K (INR per month), whereas, on higher-level it lies between 40K to 100K (INR per month). Remember this is the average salary in India. One can earn more if they hold education degree from a reputed college and if the place of work is, abroad like New York (but do not forget the cost of living in NYC will also be high).


Every interior designer has his or herstyle when it comes to working. A successful interior designer should be open to ideas from the associates and even clients. Together they can design the most aesthetic space. An interior designer needs to be a people person.  In such situations, the designer needs to be patient and show and experiment with different styles to bring out the best. The design does not need to be complex as always. Designs can be very simple and yet elegant. Even small integrities can really bring life to any space. Last but not least be open to the change. One can perfectly blend the colonial design in today’s modern world. So feel free to experiment and bring your own touch.


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