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Understanding Seo


If you are a blogger, understanding SEO is a must for you. You can find millions of similar posts on a particular search engine.

If there is already a good number of similar blog posts, the question arises how can you get it on the top of search results.


I am sure you know about SEO, which refers to Search Engine Optimization in simple terms. But, is that enough information for you? Knowing that what is SEO will make any difference to your blog?




That\’s when you need to understand SEO.


If you are new to learning SEO, start with some basic SEO knowledge, but how to do SEO?

Don\’t worry.

I\’m here to help you through this with Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Is understanding SEO important?

Now that search engines are getting smarter each day, they are even getting paid advertising, the only online marketing channel that can help you is SEO. SEO is a way to market your content. It enhances the quality of your content and the quantity of traffic to your page.


SEO helps to grow organic search results. It covers digital real estate and can contain possibilities to get more click than paid advertisements. When you provide a solid piece of content to your page, it definitely deserves to rank for your targeted keywords. The engagement must increase and the traffic must remain constant.


Search engine optimization will help you serve the right audience. It will not only prioritize your content but also create branding.

What is SEO?

SEO is an art. Yes, the art of grasping traffic to your page without paying dollars. An unpaid high rank on a search engine is also called organic listing.


Let me define in simple words, SEO is nothing but improving your page ranking in the organic section of search results. They contain certain keywords without compromising on quality.


When it comes to SEO, there is a search engine, the searcher, and the search result (content). Whenever a searcher punches his/her keywords on a search engine, it reads all the data and shows the search result in less than a second.


SEO is adding value to your content. When you optimize your content according to the SEO rules, search engines like Google love to show them as a top result.


SEO ranks for a specific keyword and gets the most of the free traffic on your page, day after day.


What does SEO contain? 


  • High-quality content


SEO entertains high-quality content only. Your content should be relevant and informative. Do not include anything and everything. An SEO friendly content is one with precise and user-friendly details. It should be specifically targeted to main keywords and certain sub keywords.


  • Optimizing content around specific keywords


As I stated above, you must always optimize your content around specific keywords. If you\’ll add irrelevant keywords, it won\’t work for you. Make your content optimized according to the requirements of your targeted audience. Always remember what your audience is looking for and why they have clicked on your page.



  • Building backlinks


Building backlinks is another practice to generate engagement. It takes a reader from one website to another. While targeting SEO ranking, make sure to add quality links only. Adding spam links will damage your page ranking. Backings are also known as inbound links.



The Things that Matters  

When it comes to improving the ranking of your page, you need to learn what matters. If you start focusing on what matters. There is no way back for you. You will receive the traffic you desire.

I have listed the things that matter in SEO.

  • Words Matters
  • Title Matters
  • Links Matters
  • Words in the Links Matters
  • Reputation


SEO leads to what? 

SEO is there to help your page manage to stay on the top of search results. This is called organic ranking. SEO increases the quality of traffic on your page which leads to engagement. Optimizing your content will eventually increase the quantity of traffic on your page.




Summing Up

SEO is the optimization of your content according to the algorithms. It features high-quality content, targeted keywords, and important backlinks. If you\’ll create a post with keeping SEO in your mind, there are higher chances of your page to get engaged. I hope now you know what you were looking for about SEO.

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