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Understanding Logos

Before going deep in understanding logos, first, you need to know what a logo is.

A logo that we attach to our business is much more than just a simple text or image. understanding logos,  We can compare the logo with a symbol of our brand that says all about your business. understanding logos,

Herewith this blog, we will dig deep into the significance of the business logo to build your brand. Here we will also learn why a logo is essential for your brand, no matter how small or big is your business.

What is a logo?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Logo is defined as an identifying symbol or identifying statement.

The logo is a 2D image or text that packs a lot. The logo is a small representation of the brand’s identity and their purposes and it symbolizes what they do and who they are.

The effectiveness of the logo can be understood from examples like McDonald’s golden arches, Starbucks’ two-tailed mermaid, Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s half-eaten apple, and many more.

The point is that logos stick as the mental image of your brand. We can describe logos as a symbol or a statement that embodies the business.

What is the need for a logo?

All businesses need a logo, doesn’t matter it is big or small, independent, or corporate. The logo will help you in multiple aspects of your business from advertisement to an important role in marketing and branding.

You can put your logo everywhere on your business cards, letterhead, signage, website design, banners, uniforms, social media account, understanding logos,  promotional materials, email signatures, and many more to have a great first impression at a glance.

Selecting the right logo will make people remember your logo and so your business. But in case of poor selection of logo, it will make your business look unprofessional or forgettable.

In selecting a logo, quality matters. Here we guide you with some tips to create a logo that will attract more and more customers.

Types of Logo:

The logo is a visual representation of brand value and it is considered as the most recognizable element. You will get the option to choose from six types of logos, each with a particular trait to give your brand a different recognition.

The wordmark:

This simple but popular logotype that will display your brand name. This logo uses typography and firmly bound your brand to the typeface. Therefore you should choose typeface carefully. This logo is good for the firm having a small name.

Monograms or Lettermarks:

It is the initial of a brand. This option is great for a company with a long name.

Brand marks:

This is a pictorial mark of the company which represents your brand.

Abstract logo marks:

This is an abstract pictorial representation that used to convey a certain feeling or idea. This type of logo is used to condense your brand idea into a single, unique image. This is the best type of logo but needs careful consideration to work best.

The Emblem:

This type of logo contains text within any shield, badge or crest, or some other shape to give your brand a classic touch. This is the best option for you if you wish to give a sense of longevity to your company.

Combination Marks:

It is a versatile choice for many brands. It comprises of a combination of wordmark with a pictorial mark.

How to design a logo?

The logo should be attractive, impressive, and must be clear at a glance. You should pay proper attention while selecting a logo that your customer will keep top-of-mind.

While designing a logo, either you can hire someone professional or design by yourself.

Professional graphic designers are trained in logo designing. They are experts in choosing a color scheme and design to give the logo a professional look. Depending on the experience of a graphic designer, you will have to pay a handsome amount for mock-ups, edits, proofs, and your final design.

But if you are having a start-up or small business, then hiring a professional might not be in your budget. In this case, you can opt to design your logo by yourself. Several resources are available in the market to help you with logo designing.

Tips before designing a logo

Whether you are hiring any professional graphic designer or designing a logo by yourself, there are some dos and don’ts you should keep in your mind before hitting the drawing board.


Think out of the box:

Don’t chase the trend or you have seen before. Try to think out of the box to make your logo unique.

First work on identifying what makes your logo stand out and then expand on that. Your logo should be unique that sets you apart.

Many entrepreneurs use animals in their logos to represent their company’s mission and culture. You can see that UC Browser chose a squirrel that is fast, strong, and smart.

Try your idea in black and white:

It is best practice to start your logo designing in black and white. You will have the option to add color to a black and white picture.

Try to make your logo clear:

The most important in the logo is simplicity. Your logo should be recognizable at a glance. You should take out any unnecessary or excess details and keep your logo simple, not overloaded.

Give your logo a meaning:

Your logo should have a good meaning. It may not be life-changing or philosophical but should make some sense.

Final word

After designing your logo, just give it a look and ask yourself what it means to your business. Your answer will decide the efficiency of your logo.

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