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How to create mobile apps and career salary everything


create mobile apps

A mobile application is a software that provides a brief description of all data under a subject.  This topic can be about any device or object in the world. Mobile applications can be understood in two ways. All the mobile applications in the world as display and other data viewer or receptor are the creation of human beings, by which a person resorts to the application to  create mobile apps demonstrate .



His / her ability, creat mobile apps in that all those Describes things which are related to any one subject and this information is used by the mobile application user to do their work, that is, when a mobile application is built, it takes care of all the things that   The need of which can be read by the user of the mobile application.    creat mobile apps  The mobile application is mainly madThe need of which can creat mobile be read by the user of the mobile application.e by dividing it into two parts, one for creat mobile apps  Android phone and creat mobile the other for IOS.

Also before making apps these main things are taken care of.

1 .Sketch your application

First take the sketch generated in the mind on paper and keep in mind all the things that you want the features to be available in the application. Put all those features on the paper with the features and keep in mind that the person looking at the application only to see it

  1. Mockup your app

Must also describe the flow and interaction of the app, as well as using childlike mockups to create an opportunity for the app to guide them through the UI and allow anyone to see and visualize the entire app Can help, ie it tells what the app does in simple  terms.

  1. Creating Your Graphic Design

This includes Pixel Perfect Visual Details Graphic Intakes Image Animation Motion Design in App Design and can use a design template created specifically for the iOS app to save time if building an app. Copy paste does not work unless the license is purchased. What Photoshop needs to create a design. You can use tools like Affinity Designer to create an app. Even sketch or photoshop design cannot be imported directly. App has to be re-created in the interface builder.

  1. Create a Landing Page.

How people will find your app is necessary to create a landing page. This page serves as a central point in which a blog or page is created for all the app related information which has all the information available to reach the customer. An effective tool to build your web page is Strikingli Word Press and Lead Page. A good landing page can cost $ 100.

  1. Before putting the screen photo in your app store, do a live test of it so that we can know that there is something missing in the app or due to which there will be no harm to the app going ahead, for this, first of all to test your app live. needed.
  2. Launch in the App Store

is the last but the most important in which it is seen how you want to display your app, , it can all make your app more popular.Register Now after connecting, prepare the top meta data of the app. Now upload your app in the app store with the x code and when your app is verified, then it starts being published in the App Store, remember that you first Users get one then later 10, 1000 etc. The cost of publishing any app to store  can be $ 99 per year. Keep in mind that the subject of your app should be clear. The same, when set by a small app agency, the minimum expense is up to 25000$ Can also come and publish the same app for $ 100 per month with platforms like buildfire

Just as you can get a good salary in this  career, it should also be kept in mind that all the information about the subject on which you want to make an app is available with you.

The salary of the developer can be from 4 to 800000 years, if you talk about India, then the annual salary on the average here is 500000

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