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How Google Search Algorithms Work

The key to learning how to get maximum traffic on your blog is to understand how Google search algorithms work. Improving the ranking of your page and increasing the engagement is all you want. But how to do that? Are there any master strategies to be followed?

Google has grown so far, and it\’s working process has also seen many changes. However, what is still the same, and unconcealed is the objective. Google works in terms of helping its users find what they want.

Showing your desired results is Google\’s responsibility, as they believe. Google algorithms start working even before you punch in the search. We can understand the working principle of Google Search Algorithms by connecting them to spiders. Moreover, the software program that it uses is named as spiders. The way spiders spread their linking capacity, Google does the same. It works in a link to the link process.


How Do Google Search Work

When users want to search something on Google, they type the related keywords or phrases and click on search. According to Google, when you search for something, you are searching the web page that contains your keywords. The spider system of Google catches the keywords and follows them to find a few web pages. Next, it finds the backlinks on the pages and the process continues. This entire process collects a jam-packed result. All the pages that have your searched keywords display on the screen.

The objective Google

Now, comes the ranking. Googles show the results based on specific searches, the number of keywords used in the page, keywords in the page title, and synonyms of the searched words. Moreover, Google also checks if the page featuring your keywords is from a high-ranked website or poor quality one. The quality websites are always found on the top results.


The next factor that affects Google Search Results is page ranking. It is as significant as the website ranking. It depends on how many outside links are added to the page. Whichever links you add on your page, make sure they are important. Adding spam links may cause notable damage.


Google creates a combination of all the factors and delivers you the search results within just less than a second. Google\’s job is to find out the best match of a user search and display it in a sequence of suitable factors.


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