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A computer system hacking DARK WEB WHITE\\BLACK  has become a must-have to run a successful business. It\’s not enough to have the isolation of a computer system, but they must have them out of the network, to simplify communication with external devices. This often exposes them to the outside world and hacking. Hacking Dark web\\white\\ black \\


The dark web is a very hidden part of the deep web, which only a very few people are going to be to interact with or even see. In other words, it is the deep web includes all  Hacking Dark web \\ white hat \\ black hat of which are under the surface, which are still available, with the right #software, including, in the dark web.

On basis of the above statement some of the characteristics of the dark web are:HACKING DARK WEB WHITE\\BLACK

  • There is no indexing of the web pages on the Surface web search engines like #Google and other popular search tools because of which they may not detect the result of one of the dark web pages.
  • A random network infrastructure.
  • Old web browser unavailable, thanks to the unique registry operator of it.

Furthermore, it is hidden in a variety of #security actions, and networking, as# firewalls and data encryption.

To rely on the dark web has often been associated with a criminal, whether intentionally or illegal content, as well as \”merchandise\” – websites that allow users to gain access to the illegal goods or services. But, on the other hand, the use of these factors may be done for legal purposes.


Hacking is the act of exploiting some of the vulnerabilities in a computer system or network to use the collateral to receive access to personal and/or business. An example of a data breach can be in use password hacking algorithm, you get access to a #computer system.


To hack a system whereby a computer uses fraudulent activities such as fraud, invasion of privacy, theft of the data, etc. Organizations and authorities need to protect themselves from such attacks.

A #hacker is a person who can find and exploit weaknesses in computer systems and/or networks to gain access. The hackers are, in general, experienced programmers with knowledge in the field of #information security.

All hackers are NOT bad in the first place. In the media, the word \”hacker\” is generally used for cybercriminals, but a hacker can be a person, no matter what their intent, which is to use the knowledge of the software and the hardware, which is involved in the hacking and bypassing the security measures of any computer, device or network. Hack in and of itself is not an illegal activity unless the hacker can compromise the system, without the permission of the owner. Many companies and government agencies hire hackers to help them protect their systems.

The hackers are, in general, are to be classified according to the type of metaphorical \”hat\” they are wearing: the \”white hat\”, \”grey hat\” and \”black hat\” according to the purpose of his actions. There are two of the most important factors that determine what type of hacker you are working with, their motivations, and that they violated the law or not.

The following is a list classifying the different types of hackers according to their intent:

#Cracker( black hat):

Like all hackers, black hat hackers tend to have extensive knowledge about the hacking of computer networks and bypassing security protocols. They are also responsible for writing malware, which is one of the ways to use it to log in to these systems.

Their primary motivation is usually the input of personal or financial gain, but they can also be attracted to the cyber-espionage operations, a protest, or perhaps simply because of the thrill of the computer-related crime. As a  Black hat hacker, you might be an amateur who spread malicious code or an experienced hacker to steal the data, including financial information, personal information, and sign-in information. Black hat hackers are just trying to steal your data, and they are trying to change or destroy information.

In short, a hacker gains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gain. The goal is usually the theft of a company\’s data, in violation of the right to privacy for the transfer of funds from a bank account, etc.

#An ethical hacker (#White hat):

The hackers are the ones who prefer to use their powers for good, not evil.

White-Hat hackers use the same hacking techniques as a Black Hat in time, but they did so with the permission of the system owner, which is the important one, making the process completely legal. White hat hackers perform a penetration test, test security systems, all in one place, and carry out the vulnerability of the company. There are even courses, training, conferences, and certifications for ethical hacking practice.


In short, a hacker to gain access to the system, to eliminate the identified deficiencies by performing various testing.

Grey hat:

As in life, there are grey areas where nothing of it is neither black nor white. The hackers are a combination of the activities of the black hat and a white hat by yourself. Often, grey hat hackers will look for vulnerabilities in a system without the permission or knowledge of the owner.

In simple terms, A hacker in between an ethical hacker and a black hat hacker. He/she/breaks into the computer system without authority to identify weaknesses and inform the system owner to get some fees in return.

They just wanted to make something for their discoveries for themselves, Typically by using the findings for vulnerabilities.


Even though the word hacker is the trend that is causing a negative connotation when referring to a brand name, it must be borne in mind that not all hacks are created equal. If we do not have a backup, and white hat hackers who diligently search for the risks and vulnerabilities before the black hat could find them all, there would be more activity relating to the cybercriminals than it is now.

If you are a student and would like to make use of your knowledge about hacking, then there is nothing better than being a white-hat hacker, or maybe in your career. In the workplace, its demand is growing faster than average job growth.

To become a white hat hacker, you probably start your career as an information security analyst or technical consultant.

However, there are other kinds of people working and roads, available which allow one, to become a white hat hacker. These include a penetration tester, an information #security specialist, a #consultant, or a #network security specialist.

 A Career In #Government

The government needs the help of information technology specialists, that can update and improve their systems. This happens not only through the past when the system is not functioning but also on account that the enemies of the government are becoming more complex.

With a career in the field of information technology management in the office, you can get a government that will take to help you get a high-level position.

A Career in the #Private Sector

At the same time, there are a lot of jobs available in the private sector, and the companies tend to avoid the cost of the education and training of entry-level candidates.

This is useful for one if they have an adequate supply of programming/coding skills. This is going to help you get an edge over your competition to look for entry-level jobs


Receiving correct earnings depends on heaps of things, like education, work expertise, and the size of the corporate.


USD ($)

The average salary of a white hat hacker, you can expect to receive is $ 71,000.  If you are an expert in this field, you may even earn up to $ 120,000.

INR ()

Currently, the ethical hacking income in India is ₹ 501,191 / year for entry-level positions. In contrast, hijackers with higher education and better work experience can reach up to 3 million each year.

Minimum Salary Package : ₹ 501,191 / year

Maximum Salary Package : ₹ 3 million/year

Whereas, The average national salary of an Ethical White hat hacker is ₹ 5,70,000 in India. And if you are a #Chief Security Officer you may even earn up to Rs 12 to 80 Lakh per year.


Hack in and of itself is not an illegal activity unless the hacker can compromise the system, without the permission .

Many companies and government agencies hire hackers to help them protect their systems.

There are two of the most important factors that determine what type of hacker you are working with, their motivations.

It is white hat hackers who diligently search for the risks and vulnerabilities before the black hat could find them all. and then try to eliminate .

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