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Graphic designing with 3D depth 


3D graphics are indeed the next big thing in the world of graphic design. They have recently come into the trend and surely not going to fade out such an early. Such designs are instantly captured by our eyes, the backdrop does not matter.Graphic designing with 3D depth.

A great thanks to the technology and software to provide us this wonderful opportunity for creating and designing 3D designs. Depth in the images makes an image more realistic and characteristic.Graphic designing with 3D depth.

So, Let’s find out more about what is 3D depth and realism.



What is a 3D graphic design?

Before moving ahead we must know what is a 3D design, As its name suggests 3D, It is related to three-dimensional computerized images, designs, and logos. Because of the addition of a dimension, 3D designs appear to be more realistic and attractive. 3D designs have more depth and character in them.Graphic designing with 3D depth.



Why 3D Not 2D?

2D designs are also known as flat designs, and these were extensively used in the current period. 2D designs are used from websites cover page to website logos and Banners. While 3D images and logos are fresh, recently came into the market although they were first used in the ’90s in this era of digitalization and modernization, 3D logos are preferred over 2D because they bring attractiveness and Realness to an image and logo.


The techniques that go into making 2D and 3D graphic designs are quite different as well. 2D flat, digital images are vector-based. On the other hand, 3D graphics designing follows a three-step method that comprises modeling, layout, and animation, and rendering. The software that helps in the creation of each is quite different as well.


How are 3D graphics created?


There are 3 different stages involved in creating a 3D design.

  1. Modeling:The model entails the process behind the formation of an object’s shape. In this, the designer uses 3D modeling tools on the computer to create a 3D model.
  2. Layout and Animation: Animation entails layout and animation. The background has to be created before a 3D image. Layout and animation are often carried out simultaneously.
  3. Rendering:Now its the final stage in creating a 3D design. It is the process of converting a 3D model into an image.

Rendering is done in two ways, one is to simulate light transport to get a photo-realistic multidimensional image, Photo-realistic rendering is carried out with the help of 3D computer graphics software. And the second is done by applying art styles such as non-photo-realistic rendering.


Are 2D designs going to extinct?


Probably No we can’t just leave 2D designs so easily. They are easy to create and also add value to the content. No doubt that 3D designs are far better than 2D but factors like time consumption and Availability of resources makes it a bit difficult to work with 3D designs.

So, now coming onto the conclusion, 3D designs give us the reality of an image it feels like the image is in front of us we are feeling it while the same does not go for flat or 2D images. Trends and their levels are increasing and the demand for 3D is extensively growing. So, if you are a graphic designer I would surely recommend you to think about 3D designs and adapt them. Because as the market increases the value of 3D images would rise.



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