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 Game Development and How earn money


Game Development is the skill of developing games and illustrates the structure, progress, and emancipation of a game.     and how to earn money

Anyone can create a game, may it be asound designer, a computer programmer, an artist or any other person. and how earn money

  • Game Development requires a small or big game development studio. You need your gamers to interact with your game characteristics, only then you can label it as a triumphant game. Game Development  and how earn money
  • Game development involves writing codes.
  • Artists can build and structure coding and a game developer needs to Concentrate on a health bar.
  • A tester checks the working of the game as per the expectations.
  • Tools like libGDX and OpenGL were formulated to solve the game framework issues and enhance it’s speed, easiness and other features. It has inbuilt features to make game development easy.
  • unity, construct, unreal and Game Maker has all the framework which a game needs.
  • GUI ( Graphics User Interface) is used to enhance the graphic improvement of the game.

Game Engines

  • Next comes the engines. Many developers choose to develop a game using a Engine.
  • Some eminent game engines like Unreal Engine, Game Maker, Skurcw, Construct 2 or 3, Buildbox etc. It helps in building a more friendly approach.In-Game maker, the premade section is quite vast to enable people with no coding background to build agame from scratch.

Career in Gaming World

Yes, it requires a lot of work and efforts to build a career in the gaming world. This world, like any other profession, has an enormous competition to overshadow each other. With over 2.5 billion gaming enthusiasts, the world gaming industry has reached a different zone and has evolved successfully.

Relating to this, there is an increasing desire for experts in this field, artists, programmers, audio engineers and developers. positions ready, which are not only confined to playing games but practically establishing games. Below are some much talked about career options.


Game Designer

Game designers are the basic formulators of games and their job encompasses the planning and formulating all the components of the game. It’s regulations, setting, fiction flow, grades, personalities, automobiles, projectiles, etc. Game designers picturise the theory behind the game around which the altogether game revolves. One can have a B.Tech degree in computer science or computer engineering or even Game design Bachelor’s degree.  

Game Animator

Other features like the scenery, vehicles, atmosphere, colours, background and all the visual aspect are created by a visual artist. Every crumb of detail from skin texture to the rains and shadows is designed by them. Generally, a bachelors degree in illustration, art, computer graphics is required.



Narrative Designer

Everything in this world has a story and same is the case with the gaming world. Narrative Designers play a very crucial role in imparting a story to the game and making it more interesting. The hero, villain, corpse, cops, battle, winner, the defeated and every small detail is part of an ongoing story in the gaming world.

You need to have a bachelors degree in mass communication or English literature along with creative writing certifications.


Game Programmer

The game artists, animations, developers all work in sync to develop a game. They formulate the program codes and test them to see if the coding is appropriate or not. Programming is a very complex part and involves a team of programmers to successfully develop a game.

To become a programmer in-game you need to have a bachelors degree in Game development or game programming or BCA or B.Tech in Computer Science.


Eminent games which have gained popularity

Some of the games which have gained enormous reputation over the years. Few of them are Call of Duty: Modern warfare, PUBG, For Honor, Tom Clancy\’s Rainbow Six Siege, Hitman 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Fortnite, etc.



PlayerUnknown\’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG had a completely different rage everywhere. This game held the attention if all the youngsters. PlayerUnknown\’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online game which involves multiple players. This game has been developed by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Bluehole. Bluehole is a video game company from South Korea. This game drew its inspiration from the Battle Royale which is a Japanese movie.  The team which defeats the opponent wins and gets the Chicken dinner. The distribution of armours and weapons is a much-talked topic amongst the ones who play PUBG.


How much money can a Game Developer make?

Gaming world has a plethora of career options to explore. It also has good salary scope. From being a game animator to a game programmer, you can explore and make your career more promising. An average Game developer earns around Rs 500000 yearly in India.

A 3D artist earns 4000 monthly, Game programmer 30-35k, C++ Programmer 30k, Game designer 37-40k, and a game tester around 15-20k.



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